3rd Eye Kiss

I just love this! My friend Heather posted it on her Facebook page Raven Haze and Divination, you should definitely check her out! She has so many wonderful tips, tricks and a treasure trove of information along with great How To videos!
Have a magical day! 😊❤️


Opening Your 3rd Eye

As I’ve been exploring my spiritual path, one topic I have been working on is my 3rd eye. I’ve listened to binaural tones, used my Tibetan crystal singing bowl (which is tuned for the 3rd eye) while mediating and practicing my chanting, and of course watched tons of videos from some fantastic luminaries on YouTube. 

I believe we are making this much more difficult than it needs to be. I came across a video by Aaron Doughty where he sums up why we do this and gives an interesting theory on how to actually do it in under 9 minutes!

Check out his video and let me know in the comments if you’re having the same problem or perhaps you have had success in opening your 3rd eye and what’s worked for you. I would love to open up this conversation. Any questions are always welcome! Let’s get tuned in together!

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Opening your 3rd Eye

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